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4 barrel carburetor diagram

Tuning a four-barrel carburetor for the highest performance requires jetting as well as adjustments. On a four-barrel carburetor, there is a primary side and a secondary side. Both sides are jetted differently. The primary side is the most used and has the idle adjustment that feeds fuel from below the throttle plate. The main metering jets are located above the throttle plate and require a lot more vacuum to operate.

The vacuum is produced through the air passing the ports causing a low-pressure area. As the volume of air or CFM increases, the vacuum correspondingly increases and the fuel flow does the same. The carburetor must be totally clean and all passages open to be tuned properly. Adjust the idle mixture screws in the front bottom of the carburetor. Starting with the driver's side, screw and turn the idle mixture screw in until the RPM begins to drop. Turn the screw back out until it reaches its maximum RPM and is no longer climbing.

Do the same for the passenger side screw. Repeat the process one more time, making sure that the screw is only turned out enough to reach maximum RPM. Adjust the idle screw at the throttle linkage and set the idle at about RPM at idle and in park.

Adjust the accelerator pump. All engines have a drop in vacuum when the throttle plates are suddenly opened. If a vacuum gauge were observed while idling, the vacuum should be very close to a steady 18 inches of vacuum. However, if the throttle is suddenly opened the vacuum momentarily drops to 0 and then starts to climb as the RPM increases.

This sudden drop in vacuum shuts off all fuel flow momentarily and that is where the accelerator pump comes in. It is a cylindrical chamber in the float bowl and has a plunger attached to the throttle and pump raw fuel into the engine every time the throttle is opened. This takes up the slack when the vacuum drops because it is not dependent on vacuum.

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It is either out of adjustment or malfunctioning when a dead spot appears. Remove the air cleaner and look into the top of the carburetor. There is always a nozzle located in the front primary up high in the bore. There are many large performance carburetors that have two accelerator pumps; one in the front and one in the back.

These are referred to as "double pumpers. Open the throttle with one hand while looking in the top of the carburetor. A large stream of fuel should be seen coming out the nozzle every time the throttle is opened and as soon as it is opened.

If the throttle must be moved a ways before the fuel flows, then the rod must be adjusted so that the pump reacts sooner. If no fuel comes out, the pump has a bad rubber diaphragm and must be replaced. Remove the air cleaner. Look into the top of the carburetor while the car is idling. If fuel is seen dripping, the float is stuck or needle and seat are dirty and stuck. On a Holley carburetor, the needle and seat are on the top of each float bowl and can be removed and cleaned.

Just remove the top screw and turn the nut out and it will withdraw the needle and seat. When installing it, run it in until about three threads are showing under the nut and install the screw.

Remove the sight plug on the side of the float bowl and adjust the needle up or down until fuel can be seen in the sight hole.See all 14 photos. It's safe to say that just about every person reading this magazine has built, driven, worked on, or tampered with at least a few cars in your lifetime that were equipped with a carburetor. In most cases, you have probably owned several carbs, including a few that are most likely stashed in a corner of the garage or disassembled into a forgotten pile of parts on the workbench.

So if carbs are so simple, why is a How It Works article necessary, you ask? Because the current slew of aftermarket four-barrels available on the performance scene today benefit from cutting-edge design and engineering, and to truly take advantage of the power and reliability these units offer, one must first understand how they work and how to properly adjust them. Hopefully by the time you stuff this issue back in the magazine rack next to your throne, you'll be well versed in fuel metering lingo.

Get ready, things are about to get a little wordy. Whether you're running a fully tricked-out modern four-barrel or a box-stock Model A single-pot, all carburetors work because of a theory called the Bernoulli Principle, which explains not only how fuel delivery systems work but the basics of lift and flight, as well.

The principle is this: As the velocity of a gas increases, the pressure drops. This change in pressure is linear to the change in velocity. When a piston in your engine drops down in the cylinder on the intake stroke, it creates a vacuum in the cylinder compared to the atmospheric pressure of the outside world.

Pressure is constantly trying to regulate itself, so air comes rushing from the outside in this case, your engine compartmentthrough the carburetor, and into the empty cylinder.

As the air is pulled into the carburetor venturi, it has to accelerate from a standstill, and the acceleration is regulated by the speed of your engine and the position of the throttle blades in the carburetor. The pressure difference between the carb venturi with air rushing through it and the higher atmospheric pressure of the outside world creates a vacuum, which actually pulls fuel out of a reservoir in the carburetor called a float bowlthrough a small port called a jetand into the airstream.

As stated in the Bernoulli Principle, the faster the air moves, the higher the vacuum gets, which means more fuel is pulled into the airstream; therefore, no matter what the engine speed, the fuel-to-air ratio stays constant.

If you have the proper-size venturis that will flow the necessary air for your engine, and if the jets supply the right amount of fuel, a carburetor will supply your engine with the perfect amount of fuel gas and oxygen under just about any condition. Hence, factory automobiles came equipped with them for more than 80 years.

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This also explains why you can take a tiny two-barrel carb and bolt it to a healthy big-block, or take a giant four-barrel race unit and stick it on a six-cylinder, and both engines will run.

So now that we have covered the basic principles behind how a carburetor works, let's take a more specific look at the most popular fuel delivery system in the street rod and custom world, the common four-barrel. Companies like Holley, Demon, Edelbrock, and Carter make different versions of the venerable four-holer, but they all work with the same basic rules in mind, which makes understanding, tuning, and choosing one all that much easier.

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Until the early to mid '60s, performance carburetion usually involved varied combinations of two-barrel carbs, running the gamut from your basic dual Stromberg 97 setup found on hundreds of flathead-powered hot rods to the much more exotic Tri-power and six-pack setups offered on factory powerplants like Pontiacs and Fords.

The musclecar revolution changed all that, however, as Detroit engineers figured out that a single four-barrel with a properly designed aluminum intake manifold could make as much or more horsepower as a multi-carb setup, and a single carburetor was cheaper to build and easier to tune.

Soon an entire gamut of factory rods came equipped with giant quivering muscle motors, all of which were topped off with Holley and Carter four-barrels. Four decades later a lot has changed in the performance world, including the advent of modern fuel injection, but the same basic four-barrel designs are still just as popular as they ever were.

As we mentioned earlier, there are several companies currently developing and manufacturing a wide variety of carbs for the performance market, so the big trick is finding the perfect piece for your ride.

Although just about any carb will work on any motor, it doesn't necessarily mean it will work well. Unlike most things in hot rodding, when it comes to fuel delivery, bigger is not necessarily better.

A motor with too much carb will not want to idle, can run weak off idle, and will be sluggish all around. Then again, too small a carburetor will limit the horsepower your engine can produce, and since decent carburetors don't come cheap, you don't want to end up playing a trial-and-error game with your fuel delivery system.

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The best way to go is to first determine the cfm cubic feet per minute of airflow necessary to keep your mill well fed, then dial-in exactly what type of unit will perfectly suit your car and driving style.

Multiply the cubic inch displacement of your motor by the maximum rpm the engine will attain, then divide the total by 3, The resultant number will be the cfm necessary for your engine to run at percent volumetric efficiency. For you math guys, the formula looks like this:. The engine in the above example would need a cfm carburetor to run at percent volumetric efficiency.

Only the mostly highly modified and efficient race engines can get even close to percent efficiency. Most street motors are closer to 85 percent, but the number is still good for a baseline.Login Register.

The AFB was then available as a high performance series carburetor up until the late 's.

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Weber is currently making the AFB now known as the Edelbrock. The accelerator pump controls response when pressing down on the gas pedal. You can change the action of the accelerator pump by re positioning the accelerator pump linkage. The metering rods are of a step design and are controlled by vacuum and metering rod spring action. At low speeds the metering rod is dropped down into the primary main jets, thus partially closing off the flow of fuel.

At higher speeds and less vacuum the rods pull up from the main jets allowing more fuel to flow. AFBs use mechanical secondaries. Punch the gas pedal and the secondaries will open. Example S. You may find other numbers stamped on the carburetor, but they are usually the part numbers of the part they are stamped on.

An example would be S. We have carburetor kits for most Carter AFB Carburetors including the compitition series and the compitition series. Can't find what you need?

How Four-Barrel Carburetors Work

Contact Us. Categories Carburetor Parts.When talking to guys about restorations however, it is highly regarded as the go-to carburetor. Since there are so many variations of the carburetor and each one has a different factory application, we decided that giving you guys an identification guide would be beneficial for when you are scouring the swap meet or local junkyard for the correct unit for your car.

Although the Quadrajet is not as popular of a performance upgrade as some of the aftermarket brands, it is still a very good alternative for many spread-bore, four-barrel applications, especially when you are trying to find a little economy to go with your performance. Few people still fail to realize the Quadrajet has a strong racing heritage within the Stock and Super Stock drag racing classes.

How It Began. The Quadrajet was released inand since then, saw a long and fruitful life installed on GM cars until EFI took over. This new carburetor was blended with what Rochester knew about carburetors, mixed with ideas from other manufacturers, spread-bore design and vacuum secondaries. The Quadrajet became an instant success.

Image courtesy www. This results in better fuel atomization going into the intake. This, of course, is dependent upon whether the fuel metering, float level, idle-screw setting, throttle-blade angle, jets, power valve, air bleeds, and needle valves, etc.

4 barrel carburetor diagram

The choke mechanism on a 4MV Quadrajet made use of a coiled spring that is mounted under a shield to the manifold. Since this actually occurs when the carburetor is not properly tuned, it is an ill-conceived, derogatory name.

Model Differentiation. There were many models of Quadrajets used throughout the years, which tells of the versatility. The first few versions to appear were coded 4MC, which utilized a side-mounted integral choke, and the 4MV that made use of a manifold-mounted choke.

Benefits Of A Quadrajet. Economy : Since the Quadrajet has different-sized primary and secondary venturi, the small primaries make the carburetor more efficient than even a large two-barrel, or square-bore four-barrel.

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The smaller primaries act as a small two-barrel carburetor until the accelerator is pressed far enough to open the secondaries.

If there is an E before the number 4, that designates an electronically-controlled carburetor. Carburetors built before mid, have a tag with the part number. In latethe seven-digit part number was stamped vertically into the main housing.

All Rochester Quadrajet carburetors are identified by a seven- or eight-digit GM part number. On units made before mid, the part number was stamped around the outside edge of a round metal tag attached to the fuel bowl. But, not all Quadrajet carburetors were built by Rochester. Carter Carburetors was also contracted to build the Quadrajet carburetor for GM cars from into the lates.

Any and all replacement parts between Carter and Rochester are directly interchangeable. After that, you will find either a 2, or a 5.

Choose Your Quadrajet: Number Identification Guide

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4 barrel carburetor diagram

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4 barrel carburetor diagram

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How to Tune a Four-Barrel Carburetor

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